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Community description:A Naruto based Panfandom Game with an AU timeline.

Set in an alternative time line to the original Naruto universe, Sunshineverse is an AU where one change caused a million other tiny, and some not so tiny, changes. Because of this, the entire frame of the world is several paces away from what canon has become. Many changes are for the better... but just as many could be said to be worse.

Some examples? The Yondaime Hokage never died... but neither did the Yondaime Kazekage until the opening volley of the rising war. The Kyuubi never changed hosts because it was unleashed on Konoha... and because of this Naruto was also never a jinchuuriki, and thus never bonded with Gaara over it. Yagura lived until very recently, never having been controlled into causing the bloodline massacres... which means that neither Haku nor Kimimaro ever had reason, or chance, to leave Kiri. There are more, many, many more examples like this, all rippling out from a singular change that originally sent the world spinning off in one distinct direction.

Originally, Uchiha Obito was crushed under a rock and left there, never to be recovered. In Sunshineverse, Minato couldn't live with that and brought him home, barely alive, to eventually return to being a shinobi. In fact, from there the boy grew into a man and eventually became Hokage.

Makes sense why the changes are so dramatic now, doesn't it?

But we invite you, all of you, into this world. Because of the changes, it opens up the possibility for this to be a panfandom world. You can be anyone, from any fandom, OCs, minor characters, whatever you like. And not just shinobi either! We have civilian courts, we have shopkeepers, and even samurai! So you see, the world is yours for the taking, so what will you choose?


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