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Who: Itachi Uchiha and Open!
When: Mid-afternoon on the 4th of August
Where: A seating area in the Village

He either needed to actually tie his hair up properly, or get a haircut for once in his life. For now, he picks a well shaded area under a large tree, debating simply refusing to wear his Jounin jacket for the time being. It wasn't helping his possible overheating. He'd rather just be able to coop himself up inside...
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Who: Hisoka and anyone else
When: The night of 7/14
Where: Various locations across Kirigakure
Notes: he's bored, ok.

These posters were such a horrible, cowardly way to send a message, Hisoka decided.

Though, entertaining, in their own way.

He's kept a good number of them, exercising his creativity in changing the messages on the posters, or shifting it from text to some sort of ridiculous image. Tonight, he's going to redistribute them, with no attempt to hide himself.
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Where: Kirigakure
When: July 12th Midnight
Who: Yuffie and Shinobu
Notes: Training! Maybe Talking… Nothing super crazy…yet~

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Who: Natsumi and Gai
When: Backdated to approximately 6 months ago
Where: Konoha
Notes: Natsumi seeks to improve her taijutsu

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Who: Neji, Tenten, Lee & OPEN
Where: Konoha
When: July 3rd
Notes: It's Neji's birthday, and at least one reuinion is in order.

[See top-levels!]
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Who: Hyuuga Neji & Temari
Where: Sunagakure
When: May 14th
Notes: Concerned for Temari, Neji takes a mild detour in search of her. Things don't go very well.

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Who: Nanako, and you!
Where: Around Kirigakure
When: Mid-June
Notes: A leisurely day of shopping, training, and who knows what else for one of the new military dictators. Feel free to pick a specific setting

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Who: Rin and open
Where: The middle of Konoha
When: Midday, June 23rd
What: Rin has taken to cooking outside.

It's a warm, sunny day, and Rin can be found in the middle of the village. She hums lightly to herself, as she tends to a large but we'll contained blaze. Every so often, she tosses a handful if slightly crumpled paper into the blaze, and then wanders back to the diminishing stack she had carefully compiled on a stone table nearby.

...the papers, for any who inspect them, are the two sets of propaganda posters that were scattered around the village. The song she hums is some old lullaby she'd learned as a small child.
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Where: Bontiku, Iwa Territory
When: Late June
Who: Alphinaud Leveilleur and whomever joins him.
Notes: Robbed penniless by his former bodyguards, Alphinaud finds himself stranded in the middle of this icy port city without anyone to assist him.

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Where: Kirigakure's arena

When: early-ish May

Who: Kisame and Shinobu (however, if someone wants to spectate, you're welcome!)

Notes: Shinobu wants to return to Kiri; Kisame is insisting on a spar to test his loyalty. And just because.
A battle exposes a warrior's heart )


Jun. 12th, 2015 05:16 pm
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Who: Rock Lee and Tenten
When: backdated to May 17th
Where: At Konoha's gates, moving back to Lee's apartment
What: A reunion between teammates during a hard time.

So, it seemed they were on the verge of war. Lee wasn't afraid, but he wasn't happy about it either.

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Where: Uzushio - Village Map
When: Evening of the 10th to the afternoon of the 12th.
Who: Anyone in or near Uzushio (Only a couple hours from the closest seal at a dead run)
Notes: Anyone is welcome to jump in here from either side of the conflict! All players are welcome to post top levels to this post for the situation.

The siege, for those that had lived through the last one, wasn't the same. Last time Uzushio had fallen, there had been inside attackers, and the coordination had been flawless. Last time, the people of Uzushio had relied on the rocky waters to keep them safe, and hadn't put too much more work into making sure that their defenses would withstand the tide of people coming at them from all sides.

This time, Uzushio had been built to weather anything people could dish out... and it was proving to be needed as the shinobi came down from the north like a tide, on the rivers and over land. It was like waves, with a crest of people before it trickled off, uncoordinated in a way only those from different places could manage, before another surge broke against the walls of Uzushio. The sealmasters, being the bulk of those who had returned to their village, had started rigging traps the day Konoha had sent people over, so it wasn't until the next morning that the last of the pre-set traps went off, and the waiting shinobi had to engage in proper combat as the enemy started to get in.

Proper reinforcements wouldn't arrive until the morning of the 12th to help drive the enemy off.
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Who: Uchiha Obito and Uchiha Itachi
Where: Hokage's Office
When: June 8th, Evening
Notes: Itachi isn't very fond of these fliers, but he's trying to understand.

He'd half a mind to collect them, but that would defeat their purpose. )
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Who: Karin
When: May 25th to June 3rd.
Where: Northern Whirlpool and Uzushio.
Notes: Mission report after investigating the mounting force in Northern Whirlpool. Mission was generally a resounding failure.

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6/9 Open

Jun. 7th, 2015 12:05 pm
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When: 6/9
Who: Itachi Uchiha and whomever nears him
Where: Near the Konoha Police Station

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Who: Hyuuga Neji & Rock Lee
Where: Konoha Training Ground
When: May 22nd, afternoon
Notes: Two rivals clash and finally makeout up.

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Where: Sunagakure and the surrounding desert. Village Map.
When: June 4th-30th

Event Details
Suna does not require examinees to be part of a team to participate. However, if you came with a partner or team, losing one of them before the end of the second part of the exam will leave you disqualified.

4th: Starting at ten in the morning, those being tested will be gathered in the northmost part of the Bazaar and each will be handed a ribbon with a number on it and which is either red, blue, or green. They will then be sent to find the shinobi with their matching color and number in the bazaar before they leave the area, and tail them without getting themselves detained by their target.

Please note that those being tailed will give two chances to genin following them before detaining their tails.

Any who fail to keep an eye on their target or catch back up to them by three in the afternoon are disqualified.

4th-9th: At three o'clock, after all tailed shinobi are gathered in one place, all genin present will be escorted out of the village along the road north past the fork east before being given their next instructions.

This will take about three hours and once their destined point on the road is reached, having met up with another shinobi group who will have sets of wrapped packages. Each package will be either a sun, moon, or star, and all competitors must have the full set in their possession before arriving at their destination, which will be the Demon desert fort.

All competitors are advised to not unwrap their packages until away from other teams, and teams will be released into the desert in the order which they arrived to the meeting place in Suna after tailing their local.

Any who do not arrive by seven PM on the ninth will be disqualified, as will anyone who is missing a teammate. Only after this point in time will lost genin be rounded up and returned to their joinin.

27th- Opening Ceremony: At six in the evening the opening greeting will be declared. Suna will only be greeting civilians and shinobi of allied countries!

28th-29th: One on one tournament matches are held.

30th- Closing Ceremony: At noon the closing ceremony will be held, then everyone is free to return home.

A mod started thread for participants will be below, and everyone else is free to comment with their own top-level comments.
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Where: Konoha, Middle of the village
When: June 3rd, evening
Who: Obito Uchiha, Anyone in hearing range.
Notes: Konoha addresses his villagers.

Finding a high point in the middle of the wreckage of ruined rooftops had been a challenge. Still, that's where most of the village had congregated, and while he'd sent out messages to those outside the village at this time, sometimes the written word was not what people needed.

Sometimes they needed to hear the voice of the one who led them and be reassured that this was not going to happen again. So he bit back his anger, he pushed down his worry, and he made his way to where he knew the most people would be able to see and hear him. He was wrapped in his formal Hokage robes and hat, instead of his more casual day to day dress when he was in the office.

They needed a symbol, and he fully intended to give them one.

This would not stand.

"People of Konoha!" He paused, waiting to be sure that he'd chosen wisely as people paused, some even glancing up to him if they could spare their eyes from what they were doing.

"People of Konoha. Today was not a good day, with so many being hurt, or killed, in the explosions that rained on our village. I have no doubt that many of you are shaken, and frightened, scared for what will happen now, that you might not be able to trust those around you.

"Don't. Don't let them win by losing confidence in your home, in your comrades. Konoha has been harmed, but turning that harm into the infection of distrust is not what we need now. No, now we need to unite, to set aside political differences among ourselves, set aside looking at each other as other clans and people who are separate from one another. We are all people of Konoha, civilian, shinobi, we are all part of this village, all vital and we cannot let our attackers make us doubt that. We cannot become weak because we were hurt.

"We will find the ones who caused this. We will find any who aided them, and we will make sure our fallen are not forgotten. The enemy felt we weren't paying attention before, but now we are, and they will know regret for what they have done to the noble people of Konoha.

"We are a village known for our softness, our charity, but we are not weak, and have never been weak. This village is the strongest of the villages. We are the village that will stand united, and we will not stand for any more picking at our people, for damaging what we as a village stand for.

"No more. Before, there was no enemy to declare war on, but still the first steps were taken. Now? Now war is on and we will not wait any longer. We will find them, and stomp them out.

"This will not happen to our village again. I won't allow it."

He swept his dark gaze over his people, who had turned more and more eyes on him as he had spoken, and inclined his head just slightly to his watchers before turning and sweeping away, back straight and none of his casual laid back manner in evidence at all.

At the moment he was the Hokage, he was their leader, and he had the pride of an Uchiha in his soul. Now was not the time for playful anything.
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Where: Konoha

When: June 3rd, just after noon

Who: Sakura and OPEN to anyone in Konoha

Notes: Sakura tackles the sky exploding in the best way she can. Moving the earth.

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